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Fax, the most popular communication tool, is a must-have tool in modern business. InterFax Series products introduce many new concepts and provide a "peer to peer total solution" which saves you a lot of money and gives you a smooth transition to an e-company.
Internet Phone Gateway utilizes the existing internet bandwidth (ADSL or leased line) in your company, and turns an ordinary PC (with sound card and Modem) to an Internet-Phone Gateway.
DB Tools is designed for IT professionals to manage database easily and flexibly. Most importantly, we introduced many new concepts of data exchange (EDI) and data management, 
ComBridgeMail (CBMail) is a Peer to Peer, Plug & Play solution for electronic data interchange (EDI) over internet between Business to Business.
DIPS is an Information broadcasting system.

What is UFO?

The names of our products usually have a prefix -- UFO. For example, UFO InterFax, UFO Fax Server, UFO Mail Sender, UFO Fax Sender, and ...... We chose the word "UFO" not only because it's a short/easy to be memorized name, but we also wanted to express the idea of "high tech/ high speed/ for office use".

UFO stands for:
High Tech + High SpeedET = E-Transition = Rising Edge
UFO = U Feel OK
UFO = Universal/Unified/United Fax for Office
UFO = Universal Flexible Office
UFO = Unlimited Free Office

UFO is usually used in office.
UFO can save you a lot of money -- buy it once, and you'll get everything (long distance calls) "free" forever!
UFO brings ET (E-Transition). It's a perfect starting point of the E-revolution in your company.
(because UFO series products cost you a little and save you money immediately)
UFO is a unified fax system, which integrates traditional fax, Internet fax, E-Mail, E-Document, and Image files.


New version of fax programs are ready for download.

The new concept of "Easy Mobile Computing" is announced by us.
Fax Cruiser and Mail Cruiser are the first two "Easy Mobile Computing" products of RET.

Doc to Fax/E-Mail converter/sender is ready for download now.
New version of Fax Viewer (with Mouse Wheel supporting) is ready for download now.

The documents of E-Fax series products is updated. It's more clear and accurate. We are still working on better programs/documents. Sorry for our poor English!

Thanks for feedbacks from Internet Fax series trial version users. The updated version 1.2 is available for download Note: Since we change the "REF" file format (more functions/flexibility/and less file size), you need to upgrade the downloaded old versions.

New versions of Internet Fax and Inter DB Editor is ready for download now. Please click the related links for more information.

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