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What is E-Fax?
E-Fax, as its name implied, is a new generation electronic/enhanced fax. It's not only an electronic version of fax, but it's also a new concept/philosophy of handling readable/printable documents. So, don't be limited by the concept of traditional fax system. E-Fax provides you a great flexibility to do whatever you want. Also, we don't think that E-Mail system is a direct replacement of existing Fax system. What we need is something between Fax and E-Mail, and includes all the features of Fax and E-Mail. Our idea of a perfect E-Fax system is:

E-Fax is something between "Traditional Fax", "Internet Fax Service Provider", "E-Mail", and "Web Servers" (HTTP and FTP servers with add-on programs). Indeed, E-Fax is a plan to integrate all the existing technologies and make them more realistic to end users. Currently, you may be able to send a fax via a Web Server (by internet browser), or send a fax by e-mail. However, it's not convenient to most people because most of the services are not free and only available in limited areas. Also, the service providers accept only very few document types. It may be good to travelers, however, as a everyday work, fax is still irreplaceable in most companies.

E-Fax can be a replacement of Fax machines. However, it can co-exist with the current fax/e-mail systems. So, it can be the first step of the "E-Transition" in your company. You don't have to change a lot in one step, you can try a small step and start to save money/boost your efficiency now!

Here's the comparison between traditional fax and E-Fax:

System type Traditional Fax + Telephone line E-Fax + Internet or Telephone line
Storage form paper paper or digital files
how to transfer sent by fax machine + telephone line Sent by 
PC + Modem+ telephone line
PC + Internet
cost charge of telephone call (long distance call costs much more than local calls) charge of telephone call
Internet cost (negligible)
Document management poor
put in document folders
  • Backup
  • Merge/Cut
  • Move to different folders
  • Browse/Navigate
  • Search
  • Can be integrated with database systems
Storage/Backup cost high (around USD 0.1/page)
heavy weight (at large quantity)
waste space
Very low (USD 0.5 CD-R can hold about 50,000 pages)
light weight
a little space (in HD or CDR)
Transfer speed several minutes several seconds (or several minutes if sent by a local Modem)
Fail retry manually can be automatically
Signature poor (sigil/stamp on the paper) Digital signature or
sigil/stamp on the paper or
sigil/stamp put by Fax Editor
Send/receive log no (depends on the fax machine) yes
Send E-documents need to print out first can be sent directly
Integrate with database no yes -- can generate different fax document files, and then fax out automatically
Send/Receive on internet not possible yes (in the future version)
Send/Receive by E-Mail not possible yes (in the future version)

E-Fax includes E-Mail as an important part, however it is not E-Mail. They are close related, however, E-Fax solves many problems encountered when you want to use E-Mail to replace fax:

Anyway, there is no "perfect communication media". Fax is not perfect, E-Mal either. Some instant messaging systems like ICQ, Messenger, or IM provides you another communication media. However, they are not perfect either. Our E-Fax system does create some new ways of handling documents. You may use E-Fax to combine different communication media, and create your own "perfect" media.

Different ways to handle documents/messages:

name Storage form Equipment required to transfer the document
Traditional fax physical paper Fax Machine+Telephone line+
E-Fax electronic files
APF, REF files (these format are used in our system)

Traditional Fax/E-Doc/E-Mail/Image files can be converted to E-Fax format easily.

E-Doc electronic files
Text file(*.txt), HTML files (*.htm), Word(*.doc), Excel(*.xls), Acrobat (*.pdf)
PC+Internet+document handling programs and correct environment (like Word/Excel/...)
E-Mail electronic files
"*.eml" files or other forms
PC+Internet+E-Mail client program
Image files electronic files
PC+Internet+Image tools
Instant messages
(rarely used for documents, not integrated in our current system)
text or files PC+Internet+Instant Messaging programs (ICQ, Messenger, IM, ...)

* The direct support of Instant messaging system is not available now. However, you can use these systems to send generated E-Fax files. This gives you an "instant fax machine"!

The Difference between E-Fax and Internet Fax Service Providers

One major feature of E-Fax system is to save money spent on long distance fax calls. That is, people can send fax via internet. Internet Fax is not a brand new idea at all. Its main idea is using a Fax modem to convert faxes into digital data, then the program uses existing internet facilities to send the digitized fax, and then the remote gateway will send out the digitized fax to the target fax machine. The major purpose of Internet Fax is to save money spent on long distance calls.

During the last decade, Internet Fax systems do save money for a lot people. However, as a result of the fast growth of Internet, the concept of Internet Fax systems needs to be changed. Our Internet Fax series product is the first "total solution"/"Peer to Peer"/"Highly integrated" Internet Fax systems.

Click here to see the concepts of Internet Fax Service Provider.

Our E-Fax system products:

Product name Price Description
UFO Fax Server USD 95 A multi-purpose Fax server and gateway. It can receive fax from Internet or Modems, and forward/print out the received fax. It supports multiple modems and can replace your fax machine with the combination of UFO Fax client.
UFO Fax Server Lite (free)  Free

Lite version of UFO Fax Server. It can only receive internet fax to a folder. You can send this program to your friends, then you don't have to pay long distance telephone bill (on fax) any more!

UFO Fax Client  USD 15A program which can send E-Fax via Modem/Internet/or E-Mail.
UFO InterFax SOHO  USD 30  It combines Fax Server/ Fax Client/ and Fax Scanner in one program. It's ideal for small office/home office/or personal use.
Fax Browser  USD 15 A handy tool to browse received or stored fax.
Fax Viewer Free A fax viewer with basic fax editing functions.
Fax Editor
coming soon!)
USD 25 A fax editor which let you merge image on fax (put sigil/stamp on fax), scan images, convert images into fax, mix fax with a background, .....
Fax Editor Lite
coming soon!)
Free A simplified Fax editor. It allows you to scan/convert images into fax, mix fax with a background, and convert fax into images. (Fax Viewer can convert a fax into BMP/PCX/DCX/TIF format, Fax Editor provides more image types conversion)

Main features of our highly integrated system

Fax Server/Gateway features: (you can only purchase Fax client program if you don't need a server)

Please click here to know more about this system.

Who need them, and what hardware equipments you need

To use these products, at least you need a computer running Windows 95/98/ME/NT/ or 2000. We plan to provide Linux version servers in the future.

A company or division with 3-100 computers, LAN (Local Area Network), one or several FAX modems, and at least one printer is the our typical target of the whole set products. Single PC running at home can install our "InterFax" or "Fax Client" program.

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