ComBridgeMail (CBMail) is a Peer to Peer, Plug & Play solution for electronic data interchange (EDI) over internet between Business to Business. 

CBMail communicates DATA through EMAIL. The data is always sent directly to the receiver by email. It is therefore a Peer to Peer solution. When you deals with your business partner, you always call him or fax him directly. EDI solution should be the same. You should communicate DATA directly to your partner. B2B marketplace or any website is not necessary at all. 

CBMail communicates data back and forth similar to fax machine communicates image. You just install CBMail and run. If you feel CBMail works fine and it is worth to connect CBMail to your existing MIS to automate the process further, then you spend little time to connect the data either by updating CBMail's ini setting or using DBEditor or programming. That's why CMail is a Plug & Play solution. No additional time and money is spent before EDI solution contributes to your company.

CBMail is designed to make tailored application as easy as possible. It basically contains four elements

  • Application 

  • Data Connection

  • Data Accessibility

  • MailBox


The default application is for Business Transaction. Any user can be a buyer or a seller or both.  When a Sales Invoice is sent to the buyer, it will change to a Purchase Order. When the buyer updates the purchase order's quantity or price, he can reply to the seller to update the seller's sale invoice. To simplify the application, business transaction contains three stages in one interface. They are

  • Before Transaction Stage - Negotiation

  • Transaction stage - Shipment 

  • After Transaction stage - Sales Return

Data Connection

Data connection is controlled by a Text File. You can create different text file for different partner if required. The text file for packing defines the source table type, directory, relation and schema mapping. The text file for unpacking defines the target table type, directory, load mode and schema mapping. CBMail's DBEngine will pack and unpack the Data according to the text file. No programming is needed.

Data Accessibility

Data accessibility is decided by DBEngine.dll. The default engine is Standard version supporting local databases of DBISAM,dBase and Paradoxall. Pro version wil support ODBC and all Client/Server databases which BDE supported. The engine is designed as a DLL program to allow users to make tailored data connection easily.


MailBox handles all the outgoing and incoming mails. Sending mails is to send the records in the OutBox  to the internet email server. Receiving mails is to get all the mails from POP3 server excluding the mails not sent by CBMail and save to InBox. The 'Process' after receiving the mails involves the following procedure.

  • It will check whether the mail request to reply the received date and time.

  • It will check whether this mail is an auto reply mail. 

  • It will check the mail application type. If the type indicates it is a regular mail, the unpacking process will not initited.

  • If the application type is not a regular mail, the unpacking procedure will be initiated.

Auto Reply function makes email likes a registered mail.  If the mail is assigned as auto reply, the receiver will return a mail recording the actual received date and time immediately to OutBox. The original sender will know the received data an time on the transaction.

Communication is a back and forth process. Mailbox management can keep track of all the outgoing and incoming historical records. Users can know the reply message on the transaction instead of reviewing many reply mails.