• Trial  version limits:
    1. May contain short nag messages in fax
    2. No technical support
    3. Might be slower
  • Release versions require a security key (serial number) to unlock it. You'll get this key once you purchase our products.
  • If you have any download problems, please contact

What's new:
Fax Cruiser (11-28-2001)  -- An "Easy Mobile Computing" version of InterFax.
New version of Fax Server(11-28-2001)  -- with better error handling mechanism, fax statistics, and ...
New version of InterFax SOHO(11-28-2001) -- with better image to fax conversion, Screen capture, and ...
DocToFax/E-Mail system is ready for download now! (10/11/2001)

All the following downloads should be able to work on
Win95,Win98, NT4.0, Win ME, Win 2000

InterFax (for SOHO or personal use)

InterFax 1.25 11/28/2001 2.37 MB
A program combines fax server/client for SOHO(Small Office Home Office) or personal use.

Fax Server

FaxServer 1.25 11/28/2001 1.50 MB
Fax Server program which can sent/receive faxes from Internet or Modems. It is designed for companies with LAN and internet connection. You can use it as a fax center or establishing virtual fax lines.

Fax Server Lite (free, one executable file only)

FaxServer Lite 1.2 8/14/2001 164 KB
You can use this freeware to receive Remote Fax from Internet, and save the received fax into a folder.

Fax Client Express

FaxClient Express 1.2 8/22/2001 2.05 MB

Fax Viewer (free)

FaxViewer 1.23 10/11/2001 519 KB
What's new Updated fax viewer with Mouse Wheel support

Fax Browser (one executable file only)

Fax Browser 1.0 7/26/2001 202 KB

Fax Cruiser -- Easy Mobile Computing

Fax Cruiser 1.1(one executable file only) 11/28/2001 708 KB
Fax Cruiser 1.1 setup (with simple Help + Window capture DLL) 11/28/2001 1078 KB
@ Fax Cruiser and E-Mail Cruiser are the first two Rising Edge's "Easy Mobile Computing" products.
"Easy Mobile Computing" is the concept of using special environment independent, small, and plug&play programs to get mobile computing. People can just bring a moveable media like floppy diskette, Flash Memory Disk (sized from 16MB to 2GB), ZIP disk, or ..

In that media (for example, a 32MB Flash Memory Disk), you can store the "soul" of your computer -- for example, address book, e-mails, important documents, and useful programs. If the programs on the disk are plug & play, people can reproduce their working environments immediately after they find a temporary hardware.

"Easy Mobile Computing" is neat & less expensive. Rising Edge is going to provide three to five related software products in the future, and we plan to bundle these products with hardware manufacturers. Please try Fax Cruiser here to get a basic idea of "Easy Mobile Computing". This version of Fax Cruiser is free now, important features:

  • Plug & Play -- no need to run any setup program
  • Will store all the settings in local INI files. So, it won't leave any garbage in the guest PC.
  • Includes most features of Interfax SOHO
  • No fax printer driver included. However, we provide "screen capture" function to convert image on the screen to fax. 

As of E-Mail Cruiser, it's a mobile version of Outlook Express (with major functions) Because we bundle the product "E-Mail Cruiser" to a Flash Memory Disc manufacturer now, so we can't provide a downloadable version here. Contact us if you are interested in the new area of "Easy Mobile Computing"! 

DocTo Fax/E-Mail system

WebEFax 0.5 10/11/2001 2.18 MB
The Doc to Fax/E-Mail system consists of three parts:
  • Web module (not included in WebEFax setup program)
  • DocToFax Monitor/Converter
  • Fax/Mail Sender (Mail sender is included in the setup program, however, please use UFO Fax Server as the fax sender program)

The setup program of WebEFax contains the DocToFax Monitor/Converter and Mail Sender.
Microsoft Office is required if you want to convert Office document
Internet Explorer 4.0 or above is required if you want to convert HTML/JPG/GIF files.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required if you want to convert PDF files.

You can use UFO FaxServer as Fax Sender program.
We also have a sample ISAPI Web Module which can be installed to your IIS server. We are working on a PHP sample and making the sample easier to use. The download should be available soon!

What is UFO?

The names of our products usually have a prefix -- UFO. For example, UFO InterFax, UFO Fax Server, UFO Mail Sender, UFO Fax Sender, and ...... We chose the word "UFO" not only because it's a short/easy to be memorized name, but we also wanted to express the idea of "high tech/ high speed/ for office use".

UFO stands for:
High Tech + High SpeedET = E-Transition = Rising Edge
UFO = U Feel OK
UFO = Universal/Unified/United Fax for Office
UFO = Universal Flexible Office
UFO = Unlimited Free Office

UFO is usually used in office.
UFO can save you a lot of money -- buy it once, and you'll get everything (long distance calls) "free" forever!
UFO brings ET (E-Transition). It's a perfect starting point of the E-revolution in your company.
(because UFO series products cost you a little and save you money immediately)
UFO is a unified fax system, which integrates traditional fax, Internet fax, E-Mail, E-Document, and Image files.