Inter DB Editor

DB Editor is designed for IT professionals to manage database easily. Its full name is "Inter DB Editor", which implies it is Internet & Inter-Database ready! It's not the simple editing tools come with your DB engine, it's an integrated /powerful /cross database tool. 

Main Features: 

  • Access almost ALL Databases in one program
  • Powerful Data content and Schema Manipulation functions
  • Convert Database or data exchange. It's a bridge which links different tables/databases in one or many places.
  • Backup Database

Access Data

  • It support Borland BDE (Includes ODBC), Microsoft OLE DB (ADO, also includes ODBC), Microsoft DAO (Access). It can access almost ALL the major database on the market.

  • It can also access Delphi component of dfm module call Dyna Dataset and Dyna Form. Please click here to know more about the above concepts. Sender can pack a form and dataset or a data and send to receiver. The receiver can view and update directly by DB Editor not necessary using Delphi program.
  • It can view a Data Source Stream (DSS) file. DSS format is our invention mainly for hetergreious database conversion.
  • It can view DBISAM database files.

Manipulate Data

  • It support SQL query to view table. It also includes a built-in SQL builder which helps you edit your SQL commands easily.

  • You can set filter condition to view certain data.

  • You can view dataset structure (all datasets) and change the table structure (Paradox/dBase tables only).

  • You can update certain field by batch or export certain field as a text file.

Convert Database

  • You can export any table or query out to a DSS file.

  • You can import a DSS file into a table or dataset.

  • You can also do complicate export or import by a text setup file with ini extension.
  • By ini setup, you can define the source relational tables for the packing and define the extracted fields and the schema in the DSS
  • By ini setup, you can define the target  relational tables and schema mapping for each table and load-mode.
  • You can convert an exported DSS file into Paradox/dBase/or Access directly.

Backup Database

  • Supporting relational table packing into a DSS file makes DB Editor an excellent tool for database backup. Because DSS file can be viewed same as original database.

  • It saves lots of space because you extract certain fields not all the fields for packing

  • Relational tables can be packed and connected as one file. (one DSS can hold many datasets)

  • You can retrieve data by converting to another type of database.