About Rising Edge Technology


Foundation August, 1996
Capital 6 million NT dollars
CEO Michael Lee
Corporation Stockholder Pacific Magtron International Corp. (NASDAQ public company)
Subsidiary Company Lea Publishing LLC. (A high-tech corporation located in California)


Company History

Rising Edge Technology (RET) was founded in August 1996. The original founding capital was 5 million NT dollars. In December 1999, the company transacted an increase in cash and expanded its capital up to 30 million NT dollars. In the mean time, the company turned itself from a limited company into a company limited by shares and published stocks.

In March 2000, Pacific Magtron International Corp. (PMIC), a NASDAQ public company in California, observed a great potential of RET. PMIC invested in the company and became RET’s stockholder holding with 25% stocks. RET not only cooperated with PMIC in developing many innovative systems in Internet, but also co-founded a high-tech subsidiary company called Lea Publishing LLC., a company in which RET held 50% stocks. It is expected that our products will cover not only Chinese markets but also global markets in the near future.


Competitive Characteristic

Our professional specialty is mastering the latest computer technology, which includes Internet applications, database tools, electronic/on-line dictionary, CASE tools, and multimedia products. With professional software development skill and creativity, our products can fit the market requirements and win esteem with excellent software quality.

We had developed our core techniques such as Full Text Search Engine, "Text to Speech", "All-Purposed (Point & Get) Vocal Dictionary", "General Purpose Standard Database Interface" and “Database Transference and Interchange Engine”. What makes us different from others is that we had a long history in software development. We have abundant experience in R&D, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Moreover, we also have a great deal of innovations such as new structured mail system (EE-Mail), on-line security system (InfoBox), and anti pirate system (Anti-Pirate), etc.



Product Series

Web tools
FrontPage 98 Tutorial, Get On Internet Treasury and Lucky Mail are a series of our Internet products. HiNet, the greatest ISP in Taiwan, had assigned our company to design a Get On Internet software as one of our projects. Each HiNet member is given a piece of CD-ROM produced by our company.

Mass data processing
We created fast search engine to digitize mass original data. Series of vocal CD and electronic dictionary CD were produced with these techniques, e.g. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Anthology of World's Greatest Literature (Part 1 to 3), Aesop's Fables and All-Purposed (Point & Get) Vocal Dictionary.

Multi-media publishing
We produced multi-media software using the technique of mixing sound, screens and words, e.g. "Movie English Classroom", "VCD Player" and other products.

Voice processing
We have wave editing programs, which can clear background noises (this tool is used for Audio Books & dictionary). This tool will automatically create time code linked with words. Our Chinese "Text to Speech" component can read ANY Chinese or English sentences.

OS Kernel
The special technique of "instantly translates words while mouse points to" (i.e. "Point & Get") fully express our specialty in operating system, eg. All-Purposed (Point & Get) Vocal Dictionary. We are the first company owning this technology under NT environment. (This technology needs to hook Windows "TextOut" API to get the word mouse points. It's difficult because processes have different memory spaces).



R&D Creative Systems/Tools

    Digital Information Push System (UFO Mailer/Fax/SMS)
    Automatically deliver data such as digital charts, electronic bills, catalogues, etc. With the computer analysis and management, you can use cell phone, PDA, Email and fax to pass messages to your users.

    ComBridgeMail (CBMail)
    A Peer to Peer, Plug & Play solution for electronic data interchange (EDI) over internet between Business to Business.

    Internet Phone Gateway
    Utilizes the existing internet bandwidth (ADSL or leased line) in your company, and turns an ordinary PC (with sound card and Modem) to an Internet-Phone Gateway.

    It's an innovative E-mail system. It provides a new high performance (and more reasonable/powerful) communication protocol (you can still use the convention SMTP/POP3 protocol) and can link E-Mail and commercial profits together.

    An on-line user defined smart agent.

    Anti-Pirate System
    To prevent illegal software pirating.

    Web Chat
    An on-line dialogue/conversation system for customer services.

    IMU (I Meet U)
    An ICQ alike (but better) system.
    While I'M Using IMU, I can Meet U when I Miss U.

    RIMS (Real-time Internet Matching System)
    This system eliminates the requirement of writing similar programs for different DB tables. It provides a general purpose matching system, so you don't need to write programs when you want to add a new table/category.

    Existing on-line security systems (SET, SSL, …) are NOT SAFE! We can show you how to break these systems (We can't tell you where the problem is now, this is a top secret!) InfoBox utilizes different concept and can be an alternative security guard. (It's not 100% safe, but we can prove that there is NO 100% safe system because we've found a way to break ANY system).

    On-line Shopping System (Virtual Store)
    A general purpose on-line shopping system. Using this system, any company can setup a web shopping system in just few days. PMIC is going to use this system shortly.

    On-line Auction System
    It's similar to eBay or Amazon's on-line Auction system. However, we provide three Auction rules (two of them are new & interesting).

    DB Editor
    A general purpose of database management tool which can be accessed in all formats of databases.

    This tool assists ICP to add Hyperlink automatically to a word which indeed reduces the time of editing.

    Only Used
    This tool assists people who frequently transmit data via Internet and helps them select the latest saved files, zip them up and send.

    Cutting/merging files tool.

    File directories comparison tool which can test the stability and performance of your system.

    Backup Wizard
    This wizard is used for batch backup. It is similar to MS-DOS but is more useful and efficient than that. It can run a series of commands from a text file at once.

We have both English and Chinese versions for the software mentioned above in order to fit the requirement of the international market. We have applied for some of the software patents in Taiwan and USA


Glorious Marks

Rising Edge was awarded "Top-Selling Gold Medal" with its two software products -- Anthology of World's Greatest Literature and All-Purposed (Point & Get) Vocal Dictionary by Chinese International Economic & Trading Council in 1997.

PC Office, one of the largest magazines in Taiwan, evaluated seven major on-line dictionary
(and translation software). We are the"best choice".

The largest Telecommunication company & ISP in Taiwan, HiNet chooses Rising Edge as their partner -- HiNet gives new user a free toolkit CD-ROM. Using this CD-ROM, the user can setup all the dial-up network settings by "one click". Also, this CD-ROM can provide a lot of tutorial lessons & many useful functions. We design this program, and you can see our title in the main menu. (HiNet has about one million users in Taiwan).

All the public elementary schools and junior high schools in Taiwan are using our VCD player program to play their VCD tutorial lessons.

Core Asia Human Resources Management Co., Ltd. (under Core Pacific Group) in Taiwan chooses Rising Edge as their "Manpower Hunting" Web Page programs designer.


Virtual Company

The world keeps changing -- Internet brings people closer than before. So, we start to integrate people from different places and create synergy effects. Currently, we have many great ideas about Internet. So, we tried to cooperate with people around the world (via Internet). We might be the first “virtual company” in the world, and we will be the first successful “virtual company” in the world.

Here's a brief description of our Virtual Company:

  • U.S.A. : Lea Publishing, LLC. and Pacific Magtron, Inc. (PMIC)
  • Lea Publishing, LLC in the U.S. is the headquarter of this Virtual Company.
  • Pacific Magtron, Inc. is a NASDAQ public company in U.S.A.
  • Taiwan: Rising Edge Technology (9 employees & 2 contract engineers)
  • Rising Edge is the main R&D center of this Virtual Company.
  • Shanghai, China: Holly Lee, Qun-Zhou Tan, Oscar Tseng (these 3 are almost full time).
  • This team in Mainland China works on IMU project.
  • Ukraine: Yaroslav Semykin, Dmitry Dimchuk (full time), and some part-time engineer.

This team in Ukraine works on EE-Mail client program and other components.


Future Vision

Rising Edge Technology has the spirit of always trying to do better and always step forward than others. With the incessant upgrading technology and our experienced R&D team, it will bring us more and more prosperous and make us more confident in our products to face the challenge of the global market.

Our company will focus on advertising, public relationship, sales and marketing this year. We expect to popularize our main products such as “ComBridge Mail” and “Digital Information Push systems (UFO Mailer/Fax/SMS)” to both public and private enterprises. As for now, we are promoting some of our shareware products on the Internet. We are expecting a 1.5 million software sales record in the foreseeable future.

Besides, in order to elevate our sales and expand the company scale, we plan to enlarge the number of our employees soon. We will transact an increase in real money, join the global market, and ready for the following expansion. We are now in the stage of seeking for national investors and strategy associations, preparing for the expansion of human resources, and setting up our primary goal to release our stocks to go public.


5F-3, No.4, Lane 163, Yen Ping S. Road, Taipei 100, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-23075961
E-Mail: service@risingedge.com.tw