Product name Price Description
UFO Fax Server USD 95 A multi-purpose Fax server and gateway. It can receive fax from Internet or Modems, and forward/print out the received fax. It supports multiple modems and can replace your fax machine with the combination of UFO Fax client.
UFO Fax Server Lite (free)  Free

Lite version of UFO Fax Server. It can only receive internet fax to a folder. You can send this program to your friends, then you don't have to pay long distance telephone bill (on fax) any more!

UFO Fax Client  USD 15A program which can send E-Fax via Modem/Internet/or E-Mail.
UFO InterFax SOHO  USD 30  It combines Fax Server/ Fax Client/ and Fax Scanner in one program. It's ideal for small office/home office/or personal use.
Fax Browser  USD 15 A handy tool to browse received or stored fax.
Fax Viewer Free A fax viewer with basic fax editing functions.
Fax Editor
coming soon!)
USD 25 A fax editor which let you merge image on fax (put sigil/stamp on fax), scan images, convert images into fax, mix fax with a background, .....
Fax Editor Lite
coming soon!)
Free A simplified Fax editor. It allows you to scan/convert images into fax, mix fax with a background, and convert fax into images. (Fax Viewer can convert a fax into BMP/PCX/DCX/TIF format, Fax Editor provides more image types conversion)

Once you purchase the above products (Fax Server, InterFax, Fax Client, or Fax Browser), you'll use them to send fax to your friends (or partner companies). One important question is "does you friend need to have the same program?" The answer is "not really" -- you may send fax/E-Mail directly to your friends, they don't need to have any program. However, to enjoy the maximum efficiency/convenience of our products, it's recommended that your friends to have our programs. If they don't want to spend money to buy our products, at least they can use the "free" programs like "Fax Viewer" and "Fax Server Lite". Also, all the above programs provide a "trial version", they can try our products before they buy.

Under different environments, you can choose different combinations of our products:

Case 1: In a small office or a division -- One Server + many Clients

UFO Fax Server 1 Run on a NT Server with at least one modem.
UFO InterFax SOHO 0 to many It helps you to scan images from a scanner, and send the fax to remote Fax Server.
UFO Fax client many Run on client PCs on the LAN.

Case 2: Personal use/Home Office --  One InterFax

UFO InterFax SOHO 1 You can do everything in one application

Case 3: Virtual Fax

UFO Fax Server 1 Run on a NT Server with at least one modem.

Virtual Fax is an internet version Fax machine. People can treat this virtual fax system as a "fax machine". For example, company A (in California) has business connection with 20 companies in New York City. However, these 20 companies need to send fax by a long distance call to California. Visa versa, company A needs to send long distance fax to these 20 companies.

A solution is company A choose "company B", one of the 20 companies in New York City, to set a "virtual fax machine". That is, company B provides a telephone line (for example, 234-5678 ext 172) and a PC running our Fax Server program. After the virtual fax is set, company A can announce that it has established a branch in New York City, and all the companies in NYC can send fax to 234-5678 ext 172 instead send fax to California directly. Our Fax Server program will forward all the incoming fax to California immediately. Also, the outgoing fax of company A can go to the fax server in company B.  No long distance calls any more! And, all the other companies in NYC can still use traditional fax machines to communicate with company A without any change!

Virtual Fax
Use PSTN + Internet to save money on long distance calls

The received fax can be forwarded to remote automatically, or be kept in the server and let remote program browse/view the fax.

Case 4: People don't want to buy our products, but they are willing to receive E-Fax from their friends.

Fax Viewer many
Fax Server Lite 1

Sure, they can still use the trial versions of our products.

Different modes of Fax Server

Server Mode

In server mode, FaxServer receives the fax and then store it in hard disk or forward the file to other computer via internet. In this case, you have to set the remote server IP first.

Normally, we put the FaxServer in "Server Mode" and does not forward received fax to any remote computer. Then you can use "Fax Browser" or "Fax Viewer" to view the received fax in intranet.

Printer Mode

In printer mode, FaxServer acts as a real fax machine. It receives the fax and then print it out immediately.