Current Thoughts

Current theory for EDI over Internet solution is based on certain assumptions and principles these are proved to be difficult in implementation.

CBM Thoughts

CBMail has developed some new thoughts and new technologies these are simpler, easier and less expensive than any other solution.

Data Source Stream

An ideal Middle Data Format for database exchange must be compatible with existing databases.  XML needs each database to upgrade to support XML. DSS supports various kinds of database, relational database and virtual schema. It is smaller and faster than XML. DSS is also ideal for database backup or heterogeneous database conversion.

Virtual Schema

Different schema is the key issue for EDI solution. If programming is required for each of the company's partner, the cost and effort makes it impossible to accomplish. Virtual schema can separate different company schema. The data packing and unpacking is controlled by INI text file. No programming is required.

Communication Mechanism

Data can be communicated through different media. Between different companies, email is perfect. Peer to Peer is easy. Additional function such as auto reply can be easily designed. Between HO and branch office, TCP/IP is a good choice.