UFO Talk version 0.9


UFO Talk is a wrapper of Microsoft NetMeeting. For normal PC to PC internet calls, you can use NetMeeting directly. However, you'll need UFO Talk to communicate with I-Phone gateway. The combination of UFO Talk and I-Phone gateway makes Phone to Phone Internet possible on your PC.
I-Phone gateway UFO Talk version 0.91


This small program is the gateway which bridges PSTN and Internet phone. It is required for Phone to Phone/ PC to Phone/ Phone to PC.

At least one side needs to have I-Phone gateway if you are not making a PC to PC internet call.

You can also use it as a fax gateway.

How to install

  1. Both sides need to download and install UFO Talk. Also, UFO Talk requires Microsoft NetMeeting 3.0, so, you may need to install Microsoft NetMeeting 3.0 if your system doesn't have it.

  2. I-Phone gateway + correct wiring (connect Modem & Sound Card) is required if you want to make PC to Phone, Phone to PC, or Phone to Phone calls. I-Phone gateway will start UFO Talk automatically when it starts.

Fax Gateway (uses only partial function of "I-Phone Gateway"):

  1. You may only choose "1" for Internet Fax

  2. No extra wiring required (just connect the Modem to you PC & the telephone line to the Modem)  for internet fax

  3. "UFO Talk" is required for the "I-Phone" functions only. So, you may install "I-Phone Gateway" only. However, we are not sure about it because we always test the both programs together!

  4. You need to set at least one user account to test this program. Each user will have an ID which is a long digits number (typical 8 digits).

  5. You need to set at least one remote server account to test this program. Each remote server has a username/password, you need this username/password to make it accept your fax. Also, you need to provide its IP address and phone number prefix. For example, a prefix "1408" means any phone number beginning with "1408" will go to this server.

  6. The remote server can be "UFO Fax Server", "UFO Internet Fax SOHO", or "UFO Fax Server Lite". Anyway, you need to have a remote server to accept the fax sent via internet.

You may record your own voice files to meet your requirement. Here's the summary of what you should record in each file:
Wave filename Content
BadID.wav Invalid ID, please re-input or press the asterisk sign to cancel
Goodbye.wav Good bye!
greeting.wav Please press 1 for fax, 2 for Internet Phone
msg1.wav Please input your ID, press the '#' sign after input, press asterisk sign to cancel
RemoteNum.wav Please input the remote phone number, press the pound sign after input
StartFax.wav Please press the send button on your fax machine to send your fax
wait.wav Dialing, please wait!
overtime.wav You have reach the max time limit, sorry, bye!
NetError.wav Network connection failed, please re-input or press the asterisk sign to cancel