Current version number: 1.1

  • DB Editor Main program
    (one single EXE file, 790K) You may download & execute this program directly.

  • DB Editor Main program + Help in one setup program
    The setup program will install the main program & help files to your hard disk. Also, it'll associate "*.db", "*.dbf", "*.dss" files to DBEditor.exe

  • Sample database
    (Sample paradox DB, Access DB, the packed DSS file, and Dyna Form, Dyna DataSet samples)

What's new in version 1.1 (from version 1.0):

  1. Open Access MDB files directly. (You need to use ADO/ODBC to open Access database in version 1.0)

  2. Support BDE Query, ADO Query, Access Query with parameters. You can specify the value of parameters of a query/stored procedure at runtime. In version 1.0, only queries without any parameter can be opened.

  3. Can Drag *.mdb files to DB Editor directly. Then the DB Editor will show the open table/query dialog.

  4. Automatically open the dataset in a Dyna Data module if only one dataset in that module.

  5. Some minor modifications.