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MobileOffice contains four valuable programs:

Please go to the main page if you need an introduction of these products.

You may purchase the license of MobileOffice at the price USD 25 now.

For users who do not have any valid hardware device, you have to choose the "e-mail license".  For existing MobileMail 1.x users, you can choose either "hardware license" or "e-mail license". Here is the comparison of these two license types: 

  Hardware License E-Mail License
Description This is designed for existing  MobileMail users who want to upgrade Mobile Mail 1.x to Mobile Office. These users already have at least one valid hardware device. This is designed for new users without valid hardware.

Existing MobileMail users can also choose "e-mail" license if they want.

  • You need to plug in the hardware whenever you run any program of MobileOffice.
  • You can generate the license again on the same hardware again, but you need to purchase another license on different hardware.
  • MobileMail 2.x can only receive up to three e-mail accounts.
  • You'll need to type in a user name when you run MobileZip, MobileImage, or MobileSecurity.
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts when you have the hardware
  • Can still have E-Mail license at the same time. So, MobileOffice will work if you lose your hardware.
  • No need to have any hardware
  • Can still have hardware license whenever you have a valid hardware.

That is, one serial number can generate many license files many times! So, you can generate an e-mail license containing one e-mail address at the first time, and then generate an e-mail license with two e-mail address next time. After that, you can still generate one hardware license. The maximum number of total licensed objects (hardware + e-mail address) is "three".

Here are all the possible combinations: "1 e-mail", "2 e-mails", "3 e-mails", "1 hardware", "1 hardware+1 e-mail", "1 hardware+ 2 e-mails". Licensed hardware or e-mail cannot be deleted.

We have an on-line database to store the license information. So, you may generate the same license file again next time. However, please still backup the generated license file because the server may be down sometimes.

About ordering

How to order / get license -- 

  1. Purchase this product NOW at, and you'll receive a 16 digits serial number after your order is verified.
    Secure order:
    If you are having difficulty accessing the secure server, please visit
  2. Download the setup program "SharewareSetup.exe" here. Run the setup program after you receive the 16 digits serial number.

For hardware license users:

For E-mail license users:

If you choose the e-mail license, but you don't like to key-in a short user name. Don't worry -- there's an easier solution. We'll tell you how to do that after we receive your shareware order. Thanks!!

If you lose you license file, you can use the setup program to generate the license file again.


Hardware Bundle Price

with four programs

as low as USD 0.6!!

MobileMail 1.X
one single program

as low as USD 0.15!!

The minimum order is 50,000 licenses (copies). That is, the minimum payment is $0.15*50000=$7,500

Lower quantity is possible, but the unit price will be higher.

If your USB product does not have a unique serial number, then we can lock our programs on VID (Vendor ID) and PID (Product ID) only. That is, all your products can share the same license file.  However, the minimum quantity will be larger then 50K.

Please send an e-mail to the hardware manufacturers to help both you and us -- we can have a basic income to support our R&D cost, and you can get more and more good software products at a very low price!! This is the concept of "Public Shareware", and it will work if we can get annual income around USD 80,000. (We are a team of two full time, and one part time professional workers)

This will be a win-win solution to small software developers, hardware manufacturers, and end users!