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Current version of MobileOffice products:
MobileMail 2.x
MobileImage 1.X
MobileSecurity 1.X
MobileZip 1.X
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The Concept of MobileOffice

Mobile Software programs need to be special designed because:

  1. People may run the program just for a short time usage. So, they don't want to install & uninstall the software. Instead, they want to run the program immediately!

  2. Most software products don't license the user to install the same product on different computers. So, mobile software products have to provide a different licensing mechanism.

  3. People may run the program on ANY environment. Therefore, the program cannot expect too much on the environment.

  4. The size of "Mobile Media" may be small. So, the program's size should also be small.

All our programs share the following common features:

The above features makes these programs "mobile". It's ideal to run these programs on a "mobile media" like "Flash Memory Disk" or "Card Reader". You can even run our programs on a single floppy diskette!

"Mobile Media + Mobile Software" gives you the most cost effective / light weight "mobile office". Please look forward to our new software products!
Available Products:

MobileMail -- receive/send/manage your e-mail at any place with internet connection


  • Small program with powerful mail client functions
  • Import/Export mails easily with other mail client programs
  • Can import Windows Address Book directly, also import/export vCards (limited support in this version)
  • Send mails directly without an SMTP relay 
  • Mail Encryption to protect sensitive information
  • Preview POP3 Server mails, and decide to download or delete them directly
  • Smart anti-spam

Mobile image/fax -- browse and view images/do simple image processing/ and send or receive fax at any places (no need of internet connection)


  • A "Plug & Play", compact, and multi-purpose image browser/viewer program. Will run under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.
  • Will NOT install ANY file or modify registry on the guest PC. So, your friends can lend their PCs to you without any concern.
  • Can do image format conversion and simple image editing
  • Can scan image (supports TWAIN compliant devices)
  • Can capture images on the screen
  • Be able to send or receive fax if there is a Modem
  • Can send fax/image via e-mail if there's an internet connection
  • Can convert fax files into image files and visa versa
  • Shares address book with "Mobile Mail".
  • Friendly interface -- just looks like Windows explorer
MobileSecurity -- A program to protect your valuable information.


  • Simple operation - just Drag & Drop files/folders in Windows Explorer or File Manager
  • Can compress all files - increase capacity up to 2 to 3 times.
  • Can also compress/encrypt private data by passwords
  • Special ICON to identify the folders you set as "Zip" or "Security"
  • Standard compression/encryption format (ZIP). No concern of any security "backdoor".
MobileZip -- A simple compress/de-compress program (similar to WinZip)


  • Easy Drag & Drop operation
  • Fully Compatible with WinZip formats
  • Can also open TAR, GZIP, TGZ, CAB files
  • Can set/restore file association dynamically
  • "Mobile" version -- run immediately without installation

Important Notice:

Currently, we only provide bundle versions of our software products with hardware vendors. And this site is here to provide you a basic customer support.

To bundle version users, we grant you the license of using the software with the hardware you purchased, and this kind of license costs you only a little money. So, we cannot afford a real time customer supporting. Typically, we'll provide you an FAQ page and an e-mail address. We'll (but not guaranteed) to answer all your questions/suggestions in e-mail.

Hardware Bundle Price

with four programs

as low as USD 0.6!!

MobileMail 1.X
one single program

as low as USD 0.15!!

The minimum order is 50,000 licenses (copies). That is, the minimum payment is $0.15*50000=$7,500

Lower quantity is possible, but the unit price will be higher.

If your USB product does not have a unique serial number, then we can lock our programs on VID (Vendor ID) and PID (Product ID) only. That is, all your products can share the same license file.  However, the minimum quantity will be larger then 50K.

Please send an e-mail to the hardware manufacturers to help both you and us -- we can have a basic income to support our R&D cost, and you can get more and more good software products at a very low price!! This is the concept of "Public Shareware", and it will work if we can get annual income around USD 80,000. (We are a team of two full time, and one part time professional workers)

This will be a win-win solution to small software developers, hardware manufacturers, and end users!


2003/3/21 The hardware bundle price is open to public now.

2003/2/21 MobileOffice is ready for shareware ordering now. We also provide a trial license for users who want to try before buy.

2002/8/27 Mobile Office is ready for download