Q&A about our products:


Q:  Can your programs work on my PDA, Linux, or Mac?
A: No! Our programs are based on Windows operating system.

However, it's possible to port our programs to different platforms. The effort required to port these programs varies on.
For example, it's easier to port MobileZip to different platforms.
Also, it's easier to port our programs to Linux.

We are not familiar with Mac programming and embedded systems. So, it'll takes a longer time to port our programs to the above platforms.

Please contact us if you can afford the R&D cost of porting our programs to your systems. Or, we can be your consultant to save your cost & time of developing similar programs.

Mobile Mail

Q:  Why I need Mobile Mail? I can use Web Mail to send/receive e-mail when I travel!
A: Sure! You can still use Web Mail as you like. However, there are many reasons make you need MobileMail even you already have Web Mail accounts:
  • You need to manage your e-mails. For example, you need to extract all the e-mail associates to this trip before you leave. Also, you need to copy back to
  • Most Web Mail accounts do not provide an address book. Even they have an address book, it's difficult to import/export addresses from/to your major address book.
  • You cannot access your web mails when you are off-line. Also, web mail is very slow when you don't have a broadband internet access.
Q:  How do I import/export mail from/to other mail programs?
A: Under Outlook Express, you can just drag the mails to be exported directly to the mail folder (of MobileMail). Then the Windows will save the selected mails as "*.eml" files to that folder.
You can also drag the "*.eml" files back to Outlook Express directly.

Because Outlook (not Outlook Express) does not support "*.eml" files directly, you may use our program "OLMonitor.exe" to import/export mails.

Most mail client programs supports "*.eml" files directly. So you can do import/export easily in other programs.

Mobile Image/Fax

Q: Do I need a Modem to run Mobile Image/Fax?
A: No! You only need a Modem when you want to send or receive fax.